is located in the heart of a verdant
pine forest
of Mount Mainalo,
in the traditional village Rados.


Life experience!

The stone – built villa RELAX IN MAINALO rising out in the center of the lush pine forest in Mainalo mountain, at an altitude of 1200m, in the traditional village Rados in prefecture Arcadia,

Inside the villa, a coexistence of wood and local stone gives it the style of a traditional home. But the plenty of facilities, the comfortable spaces and above all the unique view of an amazing sunset will make your stay an unusual life experience.

In an outdoor area of 1 stremma you can enjoy relaxation in various resting places located around the RELAX IN MAINALO, refresh yourself with gurgling water from the spring within the premises area, to wander through the fragrant garden herbs, colorful roses and others, to lie down on the green grass, to make a use of the fully equiped BBQ with your company and much more.

All this of course under the rustle of leaves of the countless pine trees surrounding the RELAX IN MAINALO, the chirp of birds flying in the forest, the sound of the bells of goats and sheep grazing in the surrounding pastures.


Our suites

AnOi (One-Room Suite)
50 sq.m.

KatOi (Family Suite)
80 sq.m.

RELAX IN MAINALO is a two-storey villa, which combines harmoniously the modern comfort of a hotel with relaxation, offered by the direct contact with nature. It consists of a one-room suite of 50 sq.m. (AnOi) on the first floor and a two-bedroom family suite (KatOi) on the ground floor.

Each of them is autonomous and fully equipped. The villa RELAX IN MAINALO can be booked either whole or each suite separately.


Unique destinations

Villa RELAX IN MAINALO is not just another place,
it is an other destination for the visitor.
It’s suitable for:


Couples seeking romance or families looking for direct contact with nature, companies seeking a fun and carefree place.


Hikers or harriers on the trails traced in the Mainalo mountain (for example, the starting point of the 15 km. long hiking trail and duration of 4 hours between Rados and Elati is in villa RELAX IN MAINALO), that will fascinate them with the wild beauty around.


Countless mountain peaks challenging climbers to conquer them.

Mountain Bike

Mountain bikers who will be fascinated by the flora and forest ground of Mainalo.

Snow lovers

Snow lovers who can play in the snowy days even inside the premises of the villa RELAX IN MAINALO or wander in the snowy forest or to have fun at the Ostrakina Ski Resort just 30 min. away from the villa.

ATV and Motocross

ATV and motocross riders creating countless routes into the pine forest of Mainalo.


Canoeing, Kayaking, and Rafting paddlers living the adventure on Lousios river.

Horse riding

Horse lovers for a ride in the leafy mountain.


Daring swimmers for diving in the icy waters of Lousios river.


Hunters who love hunting in the vast hunting places in the pine forest.


Four seasons

It is noteworthy that the RELAX IN MAINALO villa is able to be visited all year round.


In winter, where the snow spreads like a white veil around the villa, the visitor can admire the white-capped mountain peaks of Mainalo seating next to the fireplace and enjoying a hot coffee or a drink.


In the spring when the garden “comes to life” again, in combination with the sounds of birds and sheep and goats giving the visitor a feeling of euphoria and relaxation.


In the summer, when the sun with the cool breeze penetrating through the countless pine trees allow visitor to enjoy a pleasant walk in the green landscape.


In autumn when the mountain rainy days inspire awe and fascinate the visitor.
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