RELAX IN MAINALO….Life experience!


Villa RELAX IN MAINALO is on a land plot of one dacare, where the combination of stones and greenery create a feeling of warmth and relaxation for the visitor.

One of the features of the outdoor areas of the RELAX IN MAINALO villa is that the visitor can wander in all spaces and relax in the various points around the complex.

The spring next to the fragrant garden with colorful roses, green lawns, the fully equipped BBQ beside herbs are only some of the images that the visitor will see.

All this, of course, under rustling of the countless leaves of fir trees surrounding RELAX IN MAINALO, the chirp of birds flying around in the forest, the bells sounds of sheep and goats grazing in the surrounding pastures, the magnificent sunset falling on the opposite side of mountain, literally  prompting the visitor to become one with nature …

The outdoor areas have:

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