Monastery of Aimyalon (44 min – 25 km)

In the gorge of Lousios river and in an impressive landscape, 3 km from Dimitsana (68 km from Tripoli) is the Monastery of Aimyalon.

It is built at the foot of a large rock, almost hovers in the air, in a cavity of the gorge of the stream Izvora..

The Monastery was built in 1600, probably on the ruins of another earleir monastery from the Byzantine period.

Just before the monastery, and to the right of the road that leads to it, is the Linos of Kolokotronis’ family, a small restored building.

Giorgakis, the brother of Theodoros Kolokotronis and head of a few young men was killed there after the treason of a monk.


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